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Oracle Cloud Day 2016

Oracle Kubernetes Dev Meetup

Deep Dive and Use Cases A look at containerization benefits and ways to manage K8s clusters
Tuesday, October 16 2018, Mindspace Ahad ha'am 54 Tel Aviv

The world of microservices and containers brings with it the advantages of flexibility, convenience and deployment, but also new challenges in development and migration processes. in this meet-up we will share best practices on the management and operation aspects of K8s for cloud work.


18:30 Networking / Food (burgers) & Drinks
19:00 Hagay Carmi - from Open will talk about implementing Kubernetes on bare metal.
And why is it such a trend and why should you care?
19:30 Lior Kesos opensource geek from Linnovate will talk about Infrastructure as code powered by helm on kubernetes.
As typical monoliths are broken down to dozens of microservices the challenge of managing, deploying and maintaining these orchestrated services becomes grows considerably.
20:00 Ziv Kashtan - form Automat-IT will present how to manage and run, automatic, self-service and fast Kubernetes environments as a service (KEaaS) and k8s for multi environments.

  • * Open is all about open source professionalism - take advantage of our knowledge, experience and passion for technological innovation and implement tailor made IT solutions.

  • * Linnovate has created a few openaource, helm powered boilerplates to kickstart your kubernetes driven app. Well deploy root, reindex, and recollect to learn how you can meet your organizational challenges around operations, search and data.

  • * Automat-IT EaaS/KEaaS - Environment as a Service product allows you to create Dev, QA, Test, Stage and Prod environments quickly, reliably and at a fraction of the cost. We provide an environment that amplifies your organization's creativity and eliminates IT complexity.

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